A history of the Markes and related families

image of the markes family crest My search into my genealogy starts here with my father and with the help of Jeanne, my fathers cousin, who has helped me with information on the Rigbys and D'arcys.

Before my father Frederick Anthony Markes died on 26 February 1990, he mentioned that he might have another family apart from the one we knew about. His parents were separated when he and his sister Edith Mary Markes, known to the family as Mary, were very young.

Years later I remembered what my dad had said and started to look for the other family. All I could find on my grandfather Sidney Henry Markes at that time was that he had died in 1966 and that his father's name was Edwin Markes. My mum was feeling a bit put out by this time and said "what about my side?" So after coming to a very high brick wall with the Markes family, I stared to research my grandmother's side, made easier by family members who were willing to talk.

My grandmother Victoria Hall, nee Bertucci, was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and when her second husband, John Campbell died 1920, also in Victoria ,British Columbia, Canada), she moved here to England to live with his family. She didn't talk about her life much. Maybe she thought it wasn't interesting enough, but to me it's like putting lots of very old jigsaw puzzles together with some pieces missing. Some of those pieces will probably never be found. Others are slowly falling into place, of which I would like to share with those who read my story about the Markes family Jigsaw puzzle.

There are now some old family photos in the gallery.

This is an on going site where changes will be made and more information added as time goes on. If any of the information is not correct or if anyone has any links with the family please email me and I will look into it as soon as I can.