Efford Cottage

The story behind Efford Cottage, Lymimton, Hampshire, and the link to my family. (So far...)

Patricia and Andrew Ellis now own the 18-century Georgian cottage near the new forest. Patricia runs Efford Cottage as a guesthouse


Efford Cottage has lots of history behind it (of which I am still researching)

The story so far
I have managed to get as far back as

1700 During the purge on Roman Catholicism Father Paul Atkinson was held prisoner at Hurst castle, he died after 30 years of imprisonment 15 Oct 1729. It is said his ghost haunts the old tower.
Father Paul Atkinson use to say mass at Efford Cottage. He is described as dark tonsured man.

1725 when the Lacy family came to live at Efford cottage. Mr Lacy died in 1749.

1901 census
Major Henry Stuart Murray of the 4th West Yorkshire Regt age 30
Mary Florence Sophia Murray wife
Ruby Murray age 9
Marjorie Bromley age 19 Groveness
Susan Ann Reed age 44 Dom Cook
Eva Moore 19 Parlour maid Dom
Ellen Green 19 School Room maid Dom

1919/1926 My grandfather Sidney Henry Markes married my grandmother Edith Markes nee Rigby. Around this time they moved to Efford cottage where my grandfather worked as head gardner. Both my father and his sister where born here. My grandparents split up when my father was about 5 years of age, so both he and his mother and Sister moved to Leeds leaving Sidney behind. It is said that he lost his job because as he was now a classed as single man and the cottage where he had lived was as family home.