From Marks to Markes
In the stroke of a pen

WILLIAM MARKS born South Petherton Somerset lived with LYDIA VILE. They had two sons JOB and JAMES.

JOB MARKS lived with PHYLLIS although currently her surname is unknown. Phyllis was born about 1826-28. On the 1881 British Census her age was stated as 53. Job was aged 67. Both lived at this time in South Street, South Petherton, Somerset, England along with their Daughter in law Mary Ann Marks nee Wright

Job was born in South Petherton and at this time his occupation was Brewers Labourer. On the 1901 census Phyllis lived with their son Edward and daughter in law Mary. Phyllis is aged at this time 75 and a widow.

They had one child that I know of so far called EDWIN born 11 June 1860, South Petherton, Somerset, England.

EDWIN married MARY ANN WRIGHT on 25 October 1880 Wesleyan Chapel Yeovil Somerset Mary was 22 years old at the time of her marriage. Mary Ann Wright’s father was John Wright a carpenter at the time of the marriage, Edwin was a Gardner At the time of the 1881 census Edwin was living and working as an Indoor Servant (domestic), aged 21, at Merroit Road, The Birches, Hinton St George, Somerset. Mary was living with her in laws Job and Phyllis Marks.

Edwin was working for an Architect and Surveyor called Edward Rawlings.

The 1891 census
EDWIN as Domestic Gardener.
MARY age 35 born South Petherton
ALICE born 27 May 1881.
ETHEL born about 1885.
ADA born about. 1886.
LILLIE born about 1889, South Petherton, Somerset, England

1901 Census
EDWIN was 40 and still working as a Domestic Gardner
MARY age 41
LILLIE was age 11 years born 1890
SIDNEY HENRY (my grandfather) was born 18 January 1892 South Street, South Petherton, England
FLORIA age 5 years, born 1896
ADA was a General servant domestic, age 18. Was not at home at the time of 1901 census Address Grocers shop South Petherton
ETHEL the census say’s she is a servant to the head of house hold Occupation Domestic nurse and was living at St James Street Stationers shop at time of census age 17

SIDNEY HENRY MARKS married on 4 August 1919 in St Josephs Church. Hunslet, Leeds ,North Yorkshire, England to EDITH MARIA RIGBY, daughter of ROBERT RIGBY and AGNES D'ARCY. EDITH MARIA RIGBY was born 2 June 1898 in 48 Newport Street, Leeds, North Yorkshire, England, and died 1970 in Leeds, North Yorkshire, England.

Sidney’s surname changed on the marriage to my grandmother. Up to this point the surname Marks was spelled without an `e’. On the marriage certificate both Sidney and his father Edwin spelled it with an `e’ and that is how the following generations have spelled it ever since. Why the spelling difference occurred is unknown. Was it a mistake by the person who wrote the certificate or was it spelled that way by my grandmother who may have thought the surname looked better spelled with an `e’
Who knows? We will never know the story behind this little mystery as my grandmother died in 1970 taking the secret with her.

Witness at Wedding: Witnesses Joseph Rigby and Hilda (Dolly) Suthers.
Sidney was in the Royal Navy during WW1 and my grandmother was in the Army. Sidney’s occupation at the time of his marriage to Edith was a Gardener. After the marriage they moved to Efford Cottage, Everton, Lymington Spa, Hampshire, England. Sidney was Head Gardener and both my father Frederick Anthony (known as Tony), 15 June 1920 and his sister Edith Mary (known as Mary), 1 August 1922, were born.
(Efford Cottage is now a B& B)
After a few years of marriage my grandmother moved back to Leeds with the children. Sidney stayed in the area. We don’t know anything about Sidney’s life after my grandmother left although we do know he found a new life with his new family.

Sidney died 1966, New Forest, Hampshire, England

FREDERICK ANTHONY MARKES married on 18 April 1946 in Kensington Registrar Office, London, England to RITA daughter of VICTORIA CAMPBELL nee BERTUCCI.
They have two children, me MARTINA and my brother KENNETH

EDITH MARY MARKES, (known as Mary) born 1 August 1922, Efford Cottage, Everton, Lymington Spa, Hampshire, England. Married on 28 March 1946 at Paddington, London, England to ARTHUR (known as Tony) London, England.

Military service: Bet. 1940 – 1945. She worked for the Americans and was based in a converted London Underground Station.