Rigby Family

The story so far

Rigby means Ridge Farm (old Norse)

JAMES RIGBY was born Abt. 1772 in Lancs. and died 4 February 1845. He married ANN HEWIT on the 9 November 1797 Lancs.

Children of JAMES RIGBY and ANN HEWIT are

JAMES RIGBY, born 1792 Upholland Wigan Lancs. married. BRIDGET ATHERTON,

JOSEPH RIGBY, born. 1798 Ashton in Makerfield Lancs. Died 4 November 1852, Wigan Lancs.

ELLEN RIGBY born 1 July 1799.

ANN RIGBY, born 1800.

ELIZABETH RIGBY, born. 20 May 1804, Orrell Wigan Lancs.

JOSEPH RIGBY (son of James and Ann Hewitt) was born 1798 in Ashton in Makerfield Lancs, and died 4 November 1852 in Princess Street Wigan Lancs. He married ALICE DUCKWORTH 14 October 1823 in Cathedral Manchester Lancashire England. Daughter of JOHN DUCKWORTH and SARAH ASPINALL. She was born 1796 in Wigan Lancashire.


SARAH RIGBY, born. Abt. 1822, Wigan. married WILLIAM JONES, 1850, Wigan.

ANN RIGBY born Abt. 1826, Wigan. Lancashire

JOHN RIGBY born. Abt. 1826, Wigan. Lancashire

CATHERINE RIGBY, born. 1829, Wigan Lancashire.

ALICE RIGBY born. 1832, Wigan Lancashire married WILLLIAM RICHARDSON born. Abt. 1820, Thorner Yorkshire.

JOSEPH RIGBY (son of Joseph and Alice Duckworth) was born 19 February 1838 in Queen Street Wigan Lancanshire, and died 24 December 1915 Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire. He married ALICE JAMESON, daughter of ROBERT SINCLAIR and MARGARET JAMESON. She was born 8 November 1838 in Wigan Lancanshire, and died 11 January 1905 Hunslet Leeds.


JANE RIGBY, born. 1858.

JAMES RIGBY SINCLAIR, born 30 August 1858, Wigan Lane. Wigan. Lancashire died. 2 December 1858,. Wigan Lane. Wigan. Lancanshire.

REBECCA RIGBY born September 1860.

ELLEN RIGBY, born 3 February 1863,. Wigan.

SARAH ALICE RIGBY, born 3 November 1864, died. 15 January 1954, Leeds.

JOSEPH RIGBY, born 11 May 1866, Hunslet, Leeds North Yorkshire died. 12 February 1944, 1966 Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

MARGARET RIGBY, born. 5 January 1868, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire. England.

ROBERT JAMES RIGBY, born. 1 July 1869, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire. Died. 1933.

THOMAS ALFRED RIGBY, born. 21 August 1873, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire died. 11 February 1901, Hunslet Leeds. North Yorkshire.

ALEXANDER ALFRED RIGBY, born 7 September 1879, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire; d. March 1881, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.

WALTER SINCLAIR RIGBY was born 26 September 1860 in Wigan Lane Wigan Lancanshire, and died 20 October 1936 in Leeds North Yorkshire. He married MARTHA ANN BATESON 21 February 1884 in Leeds North Yorkshire. Daughter of FREDERICK BATESON and ANN CORDINGLEY. She was born 21 August 1863 Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire, and died 16 September 1945 in Leeds North Yorkshire.

HENRY RIGBY, born 11 August 1884, Hunslet, Leeds. North Yorkshire. England.
Burial: 29 August 1884, Hunslet Cemetery Leeds, North Yorkshire

JOSEPH RIGBY, born Abt. 1885, Hunslet Leeds died. 7 January 1886.

WALTER RIGBY, born. 31 March 1887, Hunslet Leeds.
Burial: 19 April 1887, Hunslet Cemetery Leeds

ROBERT BERNARD RIGBY, born. 1889, , Hunslet, Leeds. North Yorkshire. Died. 22 October 1918, Leeds. Married. GLADYS HEMSLEY, 3 August 1914,. Leeds North Yorshire.England. Born. 1889 Died. 22 October 1918, Leeds. North Yorkshire.

ADA ELIZABETH RIGBY, born. 22 October 1892, Leeds North Yorkshire.England married. JAMES BARRETT, 4 August 1919, Hunslet, Leeds, North Yorkshire.

ALEXANDA ALFRED RIGBY, born. 9 January 1898 Leeds North Yorkshire. England. Died. 4 September 1916, Thiepval Battle of the Somme France Age 18 years.
Burial: Dollens Communal Cemetery Extension No 1 Somme France
Cause of Death: Died of wounds received on the 4 Sept 1916
Military service: 1st/8Bn. West Yorkshire Regt (Prince of Wales's Own)

FREDERICK RIGBY, born. 1900, Leeds North Yorkshire. England.

ALICE ANN RIGBY, born. 21 August 1902, Hunslet Leeds. North Yorkshire. England,.married WILLIAM TILLOTSON, 4 August 1928 Hunslet Leeds.

FREDERICK RIGBY, born. 6 February 1905, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire. England died. 28 March 1975, Leeds North Yorkshire England, married. ANNIE ELIZABETH TERRANS, 24 December 1932, Leeds born. 15 April 1908, Leeds North Yorkshire England died. 6 April 1997, Leeds North Yorkshire England

MARY RIGBY, born. 1907, Hunslet Leeds.
Burial: 31 August 1907, Hunslet Cemetery Leeds

ELLEN RIGBY (Joseph and Alice Jameson) was born 3 February 1863 in Wigan. She married THOMAS GILLETT 9 August 1884 in St Joseph Church, Hunslet, Leeds, and North Yorkshire. son of ROBERT GILLETT. He was born 1860 in Lytham. Lancanshire.

MARGARET GILLET, born 11 September 1885, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.

ROBERT JOESPH GILLETT, born. 19 October 1887, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.
WILLIAM GILLETT, born. 3 June 1888, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.
THOMAS FRANCIS GILLET, born. 2 April 1891, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.
FRANCIS GILLETT, born. 23 September 1893, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.

WILFRED GILLETT, born 15 July 1897, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.

JOSEPH RIGBY (Joseph and Alice Jameson) was born 11 May 1866, Hunslet, Leeds North Yorkshire, and died 12 February 1944 Vancouver BC Canada. He married EDITH GAUNT 19 May 1888 in St Josephs Church. Hunslet. Leeds. North Yorkshire, Daughter of SIMON GAUNT and MARY COOK. She was born 3 January 1869 in Horsfoth Leeds, and died 2 October 1960 in British Columbia Canada.

Immigration: 1927, Arrived Halifax Nova Scotia aboard Cunard Ship Caronia 16 April 1927 With Son Joseph Harold

Emigration: 1 August 1928, St John New Brunswick

Children of JOSEPH RIGBY and EDITH GAUNT are:
JOSEPH HAROLD RIGBY, born. 30 July 1905, Leeds, North Yorkshire died. 18 January 1934, Canada married. EDITH MARY.

Burial: 30 January 1934, Princeton BC Canada
Immigration: 16 April 1927, Halifax Nova cotia aboard Cunard ship Caronia

WILLIAM JOHN RIGBY, born. 20 January 1908 died. 1996 married. ANN GRESTY.

Emigration: 8 January 1928, Saint John New Brunswick Canada

MARGARET RIGBY (Joseph and Alice Jameson) was born 5 January 1868 in Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire. England. She married CORNELIUS RYAN 30 July 1900. Hunslet. Leeds. North Yorkshire England. He was born in Thorncliffe Kent.


HARRY M RYAN, born 1901 died. 1902.

ALICE MARIE RYAN, born. 30 March 1901, Hunslet Leeds died. 1901.

VINCENT MARIE RYAN, born. 30 March 1901 died. 1901.
Burial: 16 August 1901, Killingbeck RC Cemetery Leeds
OLIVIA MARY RYAN, born. 4 September 1902, 31 Joseph Street Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire England.
Olive often played the organ at St Joseph Church RC.

THERESA MARY RYAN, born 26 August 1903, Hunslet Leeds.

MADELAINE MARY RYAN, born. 19 December 1906, Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire.

AGNAS RYAN, born. 1910.

ROBERT JAMES RIGBY (son of Joseph and Alice Rigby) was born 1 July 1869 in Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire. and died 1933. He married AGNES D'ARCY 10 July 1897 Hunslet Leeds North Yorkshire England, daughter of JOHN D'ARCY and SARAH WOOD. She was born 1874. Leeds. North Yorkshire, and died June 1946.

Children of ROBERT RIGBY and AGNES D'ARCY are:

EDITH MARIA RIGBY, b. 2 June 1898, Leeds North Yorkshire. d. January 1970, Leeds North Yorkshire, married. SIDNEY HENRY MARKES, 4 August 1919, St Joseph Church. Hunslet, Leeds North Yorkshire, born. 1892, South Petherton Somerset died. 1966. Newforest Hampshire

JOSEPH RIGBY born. 1900 died. February 1971 married. HILDA SUTHERS, Leeds.

JOHN DARCY RIGBY, born 1906, Leeds North Yorkshire; died 1968, Leeds, married MIRIAM HARLAND, 1933, Leeds North Yorkshire born 1910 died 1986,

FRANCIS RIGBY, born. 1909, Leeds died. 25 June 1981, North Yorkshire; married. HARRIET FIELD, 1937, North Yorkshire. Born 1911 Wakefield North Yorkshire died 1998 Leeds North Yorkshire.

Military service: Royal Air Force, World War 2

MARY ALICE RIGBY, born1911 Leeds died. 1986 married. JOHN FRANCIS CLANCY, 1934, born 1903, died 1972.

EDWARD RIGBY, born. 1915 died 1915, (4 months) Hunslet Leeds.