Saint Mary The Virgin

Saint Mary the Virgin Church

Walter de Framlington built St Mary the Virgin Church, Longframlington about 1190.

Monumental Inscriptions

In memory of Jane daughter of Ralph and Margaret Young of Knocley House died 21st May aged 15 years. Margaret mother of Jane died 20th June 1801 aged 60 years. Margaret daughter of the above died 6th February 1805 aged 20 years. Ralph father and husband to the above ? May 1814 aged 86 years.

In loving memory of George Lambert of Brinkburn Works who died 21st June 1878 aged 74 years. Margaret his wife died 12th February 1848 aged 45 years. Also Ann his wife died 31st May 1882 aged 66 years. Also Mary Lambert daughter in law of the above 4th June 1873 aged 37 years. Robert Lambert son of the above who died 5th August 1912 aged 78 years. Barbra Thompson Lambert died 27th July 1918 aged 81 years.

In loving memory of Joseph Lambert died 30th December 1824 aged 58 years. Jane his wife died 9th June 1825 aged 57.Jane their daughter died 15th April 1829 aged 23 years. Mary daughter who died young, also their John son died 2nd January 1831 aged 30 years Joseph son who died 12th February 1862.

Sacred to the memory of Robert Lambert who died 2nd April 1812 aged 52 yeas. Sarah his wife who died 2nd July 1813 aged 47 years. Robert their son who was clerk of this parish for thirteen years died 30th March 1828 aged 39 years.“On him devolved his parents care a rising family to rear who lost in his lamented death a brother and father both”. Isabella their daughter who died 10th March 1866 aged 55 years.

To the memory of Catherine, wife of Robert Lambert of Framlington. Who died 12th August 1804, aged 77 years. Robert Lambert also died 26th June 1807 aged 75 years. Mary their daughter who died 19th July 1809 aged 30 years.

Ann Wilson died 12th July 1891 100 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Grey of Framlington who died 23rd June 1832 aged 88 years. Elizabeth Grey his wife died 19th December 1827. Their son John Grey, mason died 5th June 1857 aged 68 years. Eleanor his wife who died 6th March 1869 aged 81 years.

Sacred to the memory of Walter Gladstone died at Longframlington 2nd October 1870 years. Isabella his wife died 28th February 1870 aged 75 years. Mabel Gladstone entered into eternal life 29th October 1891. Elizabeth Gladstone died 16th November 1867. James Gladstone who died 13th May aged 86 years.

In memory of Elizabeth wife of George Brown died January 116th 1810 aged 64 years.

In loving memory of James Hindmarsh died 7th January 1875 aged 67 years. Margaret his wife died 10th November 1884 aged 82 years. Margaret daughter of William and Granddaughter of the above died 14th September 1880 aged 5 years.

Sacred to the memory of William Hedley of Framlington who died 6th July 1857 aged 86 years. Ann wife of the above died 4th May 1867 aged 86 years Thomason Hedley daughter of the above who died 24th October 1895 aged 85 years.

To the memory of Sarah wife of Joseph Wright of Dilston and daughter of George Orwin died 5th June 1852 aged 48 years.

Erected by George Orwin in memory of his children Frances died august 4th 1811 aged 3 years George died December 15th 1812 aged 1 month John died December 9th 1815 15 years. George Orwin died May/August [which was changed by the mason] 11th 1818 age 49 years. Frances wife of Goerge Orwin died January 3rd 1853 age 81 years.

In memory of Sarah Davison wife of George Davison died 30th October 1842 aged 72 years. George Davison died at Marldown 27th September 1848 aged 76 years.

In memory of George Jamieson who died 22nd October 1867 aged 64 years. Isabella his wife 17th February 1849 aged 40 years. Jane Grey who died 25th March 1858 aged daughters of the above.

In memory of James Fair died 17th August 1804 aged 83 years Jane Richardson died 17th Febuary1825 aged 87 years George Hutchinson died 27th December 1826 aged 83 years.

Margaret wife of Ralph Hardy of New Moor House died 1st January 1747 aged Ralph Hardy died [?]

To the memory of Thomas Trewhit of Horsley Bricks died 14th February 1836 aged 55 years, also Margaret Ann their only daughter died 31st January aged 24 years. Thomas their only son died 25th November 1847 aged 36 years. Thomas brother of John Trewhitt died 5th July 1848 aged 70 years. John Trewhitt died June 4th 1850 aged 75 years.